EGG CANDLERDISCOUNT OFFER-The Technology of Creativity

The Technology of Creativity


Key Features

  • Power Full Light.
  • No Heat, No Other Radiation.
  • Weight Less Model.
  • Convenient & Efficient.
  • Less Power Required.
  • Environment Friendly.

    The Best Solution for Candling Pet Bird's & Poultry eggs



    Nowadays  most of pet breeders are using infrared egg testing equipment . In that Equipment contains power full infrared light Source for detect the heart beat   from  the embryo .

    all breeders should know One Thing that The Power full infrared light surely affect the embryo's health .

    Now we Introducing The  AST  Egg Candler  is a best and not harm full to embryo's growth. This candler  allows the breeder to examine whether an egg is fertile,growth of embryo  or  infertile .  Our AST Egg Candler is user friendly .


    Weight less  Sponge Ring with handle  for egg protection. even unfortunately if you dropped the candler into the eggs ,the eggs will not damage or  not harm to eggs.
    This candler Suitable for all bird 's eggs & poultry eggs.
    Effective for  white , brown and Spotted eggs,.